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Commercial Photography

Tired of using fake google photos? Or a standard selfie as a headshot?We offer a variety of commercial photography services including headshots, employee group photos, enticing menu photos, brand photos, real estate photos and product photos.

Musician Photography

We are deeply passionate about telling the story of your music with dynamic images, through artist development, album artwork, musician promo shoots, and concert photography. Josh’s style of photography is candid and compelling, allowing him to fully capture each amazing instant as it happens.

The feeling of butterflies and excitement when an artist steps out onto a stage, whether it is in front of 50 people or 50,000 people, is one that cannot be recreated! Josh wants to be there capturing that feeling, and that expression on your face as the crowd gives a standing ovation. Josh continually challenges himself to find a new angle and use available light to create incredibly dynamic images of each performance.

One aspect of Josh’s work that makes him extremely proud is artist development. When he meets a new artist, he can immediately feel their dedication and share their excitement. As a photographer and musician, himself, he is able to work with them to create an entire brand that truly reflects their personality, providing them with styling, custom tailored shoots, branding, and album artwork. It is such an honor to contribute and follow artists throughout their careers.

Business Development

Need ideas to make your business grow and be more profitable? Josh enjoys thinking outside of the box to come up with plans, events, partnerships, and other ideas to make a business better.

Music Management

Whether you are a musician or a venue, Josh can help the calendar stay full of live music, and other local talent. Josh works with local venues to secure high quality acts for them year a round. Josh will handle all aspects of booking the talent within the venue’s budget and preferences. Josh is able to connect and secure shows with other musicians in the Valley in the event the musician that is booked is unable to perform.

In addition, Josh works with local musicians and other talents to book shows on their behalf. Josh will create a plan to make sure you succeed as a local artist.


Josh can create marketing materials to enhance your business’s brand. We offer a variety of packages that you can chose from to fit your business’s needs including weekly, monthly, or quarterly materials.  

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